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Meet Our Team

Miranda (Owner)
Master Stylist
Crystal (Owner)
Master Stylist

Senior Stylist

Miranda S.
Senior Stylist/Lash Expert 
Master Stylist/Barber


Our Stylist Levels
Master Stylist - Senior Stylist- Junior Stylist - New Talent

Our levels are based on the following; Years of Experience, Education Level, and Requests on Stylists Time. Regardless of your stylists level, your service will be to your satisfaction or we will make it right! Please ask for any level you prefer and we will do our best to accommodate, if no request is made, you will receive the first available appointment or the stylist that will fit your needs. 

If you can’t get in with your favorite service provider or maybe just want to try someone else…go for it! We don’t mind. We encourage it!  We work as a team at Indigo and our focus is our guests and their experience.